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Water Damage Recovery

6/20/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Recovery

Water can be destructive when it gets to a home or a business in massive amounts. Since we use water every day, we tend to miss occasions when it is destroying a property slowly from underground. That is why regular inspections are necessary to ensure that your drainage system is working properly at all times.

Other times, however, no one can control the water damage. Events such as floods can only be recovered from but not prevented. Floods can be severe to a business or a home. The only thing a flood damage victim can do is to carry out mitigation to minimize the loss suffered. Whenever anyone encounters water damage or flood damage, it is crucial to seek help from restoration services as soon as possible.

Water damage restoration process

Sometimes it can be difficult to handle this first step due to the trauma associated with a flood damage. However, this shouldn’t stop anyone from seeking help immediately. It is important to call emergency services as soon as possible. This is the only way to make the mitigation process successful. The longer you take to call for mitigation services, the more damages your property sustains.

After contacting emergency services, the second step is to try to save your property. First, power should be turned off. Everybody knows how bad it gets when water mixes with electricity. To avoid more damages, power should be turned off before attempting to save anything in the house or business. Electricity might have mixed with the water in business with poses a greater threat to anyone.

After the power is off, you can now retrieve all your important and valuable property from the water. Anything that hasn’t come into contact with the water in your home can be removed and put to safety. Important documents and everything else you think is important to you should be saved first. Since the flood water in your home may be rising, try to move fast and get everything you can to safety.

The next step is water cleanup. As long as the water in home is still stagnant, your properties won’t be safe. Try to remove as much of it as you can. A bucket and a mop will come in handy when doing a water cleanup. The water should be put away from your home and into the drainage. Water in a business can also destroy your important documents or computers. Subsequently, move them away from the water before you do a water cleanup.

The water cleanup process should be done with precaution because floodwater is unhealthy. Protective gear such as gloves and rubber boots should be worn while getting rid of the water in business or your home.

After the water cleanup next is drying. The drying process is important because water damages can lead to mold growth after some time. Drying everything from your furniture to your walls and so on can prevent the growth of mold in the future. Windows and doors should be opened when drying your home to enable free flow of air and moisture.

Next step is to disinfect the house or business. Since floodwater is contaminated, disinfection is necessary before moving back to the house. It also helps to prevent the growth of mold. Flood water in a home may also bring bacteria that can damage your property. It is, therefore, important to disinfect everything properly before moving back.

Deodorization and Odor Removal: Flood water in a business can leave an unpleasant smell that distracts workers. Deodorization is necessary to get rid of the odor. The odor is just another result of flood damage.

The key to saving your property is to carry out the flood damage restoration and mitigation as soon as possible. The longer you allow flood water in your home to stay there, the more damages it cause. Restoration and mitigation should also be done by professionals who have the right tools and skills to deal with flood damage. Proper steps should be taken to avoid future damages. This can be done by repairing gutters and ensuring the drainage system is working properly at all times.
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