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How to Deal with Mold Damage in the Home

7/21/2017 (Permalink)

How to Deal with Mold Damage in the Home

Mold damage that is associated with mold growth in a home affects many families. This includes commercial mold damage and use of finances for remediation and mitigation. The fungi are a threat in many homes. In many cases, an intensive mold remediation can reach $100000. Below are ways that can be used to in the prevention and mitigation of molds in a home.

1. Elimination of Clutter
The first thing to do is to cast away all household clutter. Clutter blocks airflow in and out of the house. This will also help locate any dry rot in the house. A lot of furniture and any other Draper prevent adequate air circulation which causes condensation. The moisture trapped in the home welcomes mildew that leads to mold growth. This will also make it easier to locate the affected areas through the smelly odor that comes from the black mold and better initiate the process of mold removal. Mold in homes can be prevented by this first stage which also includes deodorization.

2. Controlling Indoor Climate
The fungus problems invest itself mainly during humid summers when one is tempted not to pay attention to the air conditioner. At times setting of the thermostat in high temperatures will not dehumidify the air efficiently. Failure to do it right, mold growth behind walls will be promoted. This will eventually lead to mold growth whose removal will be difficult. Mitigation also becomes a problem. To prevent this, set the thermostat at 78 degrees F.

3. Close Windows and Doors when AC is on.
Letting the doors and windows open during air conditioning is a form of money waste. This will invite humid air into the home. Humid air will promote mildew or mold growth in different areas of the home including mold growth behind walls and the dry rot. The smelly odor is one of the mold damage caused if there is mold in the home. Unless deodorization is done, the smelly odor from the fungi will cause discomfort in the house. Black mold that is toxic can cause death. When someone is on vacation, he/she is advised to maintain the home at 80 degrees to ensure that there is no development of mildew.

4. Monitoring Humidity
Instead of waiting for the fungus mold to develop and incur the cost of hiring a restoration company, one can monitor humidity in his/her house. Mold mostly thrives in low humid areas depending on the season. This will also prevent commercial mold damage that the fungi may cause. An individual who monitors humidity in their homes will not need remediation or mitigation to get rid of the molds from behind walls or other surfaces. Monitoring of humidity will not support the development of dry rot that promotes mold growth.

5. Looking for Still Water
Standing water increases humidity in the house providing the best environment for mold growth behind walls. Thoroughly check for any puddles around hot water tanks, freezers, windows, refrigerators and basement doors. Fungus/Mold may affect wooden floors or walls to become dry rot. Mold damage caused at times can be difficult to restore. For instance, black mold if not removed at the right time it can cause a lot of commercial mold damage. It is the reason why it is critical to contact a restoration company for remediation and mold removal. They also mitigate the whole situation. Some house walls become dump at some point, and this makes them a mold growth surface. Mold
growth behind walls makes it difficult to detect them unless they start producing the smelly odor that can be done away with using deodorization.

6. Covering of Crawl Space Floor
The groundwater that seeps into crawl spaces adds a lot of moisture in the house. To ensure that there is no mold in the home, cover crawl space floors. This will prevent mold damage under the house and prevent mildew from developing. Mold removal in the floor can be hard, and it can only be done by professionals from a restoration company.

7. Call a Professional from a reputable restoration company.
If it becomes difficult to locate the mildew and know the commercial mold damage that is caused by the mold, call professionals. They will inspect the home, carry out deodorization and determine all affected areas and plan on how to tackle black mold, fungus/mold removal thus eliminating mold in the home.
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