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Water Damage Causing Commercial Mold Damage

8/14/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Causing Commercial Mold Damage

Many people understand why homes can suffer from water damage that leads to mold damage but do not know how water damage can occur in a commercial building. Any type of water that puddles or pools around a commercial building can cause damage to the foundation of the building as well as its overall structural integrity. That water can also lead to fungus or mildew problems that require mold removal or remediation. It's important that these buildings owners know what causes water damage as well as commercial mold damage.

Leaky AC Units

Mitigation experts often look at AC units when called out because of mold in home or business. These units produce and release a small amount of liquid and can release more liquid when the temperatures climb. While it's normal to see a small amount of water coming from the back or sides, it's not normal to see standing water near the unit or pouring out of the back. This excess water can lead to dry rot, which will leave behind a smelly odor in the air. Depending on the placement of the unit, it may aid in mold growth behind wall. A restoration company can use deodorization methods to remove the odors and other products that stop the mold growth of black mold and other types.

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe can lead to different types of mold growing in your home, but that pipe can also cause commercial mold damage to a property. Though many people think that commercial buildings lack plumbing, these buildings often have plumbing that runs to an employee bathroom or a clean up station. Pipes burst due to sudden temperature changes or because the pipes do not have any protection against the cold weather outside. A frozen pipe can burst when the temperature rises later and lead to fungus, mildew and mold damage that will require mold remediation or mitigation.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes can cause mold damage and dry rot just as easily as a burst pipe can. Some building owners do not think twice when they see a pipe leaking until they get a large water bill in the mail. Those pipes can lead to commercial water damage because the pipe allows a small amount of water to drip down, which creates the perfect environment for black mold and other types of mold. If the pipe is inside a wall, it can help with mold growth behind the wall. Some may not even know there is mold there until they pick up on the smelly odor associated with dry rot. After mold is removed the restoration company uses deodorization practices to get rid of odors left behind by mold.


Certain parts of the country are more prone to flooding than others, which is why those regions have more remediation and mitigation companies that can help with fungus, mildew and mold in home or commercial buildings. Flooding occurs when the area experiences a high level of rain and there is some way for that moisture to reach inside the building. Many will notice a musty or smelly odor in the basement or on the first floor, but they may also notice mold damage or mold growth. Commercial mold damage companies offer mitigation and remediation techniques designed to help with all types of mold removal. Not only can they remove black mold, but they can also take care of any mold growth behind wall issues.

A smelly odor is just one sign of mold growth, which is a sign of dry rot. A restoration company can use deodorization products and mold removal techniques to remove mold in home or business. Commercial mold damage companies also assist those dealing with fungus and mildew as well as mold growth behind wall and black mold. Any type of water damage in a commercial building can lead to black mold developing, but a solid restoration company can take care of deodorization and all other aspects of the mold removal. Visit http://www.SERVPROdowntownlasvegas.com for more information on mold.

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