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What is Commercial Fire Damage Restoration?

9/28/2017 (Permalink)

What is Commercial Fire Damage Restoration?

It is not easy for business owners to deal with fire damage in their properties. After a fire strikes a commercial property, the hardest part is not only the one handled by a firefighter. Another tedious and hectic part is the fire restoration process. This is because commercial fire damage also includes reverting the effects of smoke and soot damage. After the firefighters carry out the fire suppression process successfully, your commercial property will most likely be prone to water damage. The damage results from the excessive water that comes from a fire truck and delivered to a burning spot via a fire hose.

The firefighters exit the disaster scene after a successful fire suppression and then pave way for the fire restoration professionals to take over from there. It is very crucial to call a fire restoration company that has an extensive experience and necessary equipment to remedy the smoke damage and soot damage such as black spots on the surfaces.

Most of the commercial fire damages result from electrical fires. However, there are other causes of commercial fire damage such as gas leaks and lightning strikes. A property may also suffer a utility room fire that is mostly caused by electric faults. If not put out immediately, a utility room fire could bring massive losses to you. Commercial fire damage means that the business operations are put to a hold, the employees can lose their jobs, and in extreme cases, there can be business closure.

Fire suppression requires expert handling because incidences from electrical fires can be quite dangerous. In most cases, electrical fires and utility room fires emanate from faulty wires and supply lines and they spread fast bringing devastating effects. Electrical fires are also accompanied by intense smoke damage and soot damage and if not suppressed within a short time, it may cause severe structural damages to your property.

Just like the firefighters, the restoration company experts are supposed to respond as soon as possible to the scene of the disaster once they are called. Handling the fire damage immediately after fire suppression is imperative to avoid secondary damages. Moreover, smoke damage and soot damage is not exactly visible to the naked eye. This is why, after a fire disaster on your commercial property, you are advised to seek restoration professional help because basic cleaning tools cannot do the job.

The certified experts come with the appropriate equipment to mitigate the problem. This is to handle the fire, water, and smoke damage. The fire hose on the fire truck pumps water at a very high pressure and that is why water damage is inevitable. The fire hose is usually connected to a water reserve on the fire truck and has to be long enough to reach even high points. To achieve a successful fire suppression, the fire fighters use a ladder on the fire truck to pull the fire hose, which they use to put off fire in high points. Subsequently, extensive water damage should be expected after fire suppression is complete.

There is also another way recommended by the fire restoration experts to prevent extensive fire damage on your commercial property. This includes installing a fire sprinkler system, which is useful especially in mitigating utility room fires. A fire sprinkler system operates automatically to put off fires within rooms in the building. If you own a commercial property, you can protect your business valuables with a fire sprinkler system, saving you loads of money. Usually, a fire sprinkler system puts off light fires by releasing water under high pressure.

It is important to know that the remediation of your commercial property can only be handled by certified, skilled, and experienced professionals. Usually, they follow a number of steps to restore your commercial property to its former state. These steps include
• Emergency contact
• Fire damage assessment
• Removal of the water and drying (in case there is any)
• Board-up and roof-tarp service
• Cleaning and sanitizing
• restoration
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