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Steps Involved in Making an Insurance Claim After a Fire

6/10/2020 (Permalink)

Claim form for fill out Your first call to the insurance company will start the claims process

You continue to pay your homeowner's insurance premium even though you hope to never need to make a claim. Your coverage is available in case of emergencies and disasters such as a fire. If a fire destroys or damages your home and the belongings and materials inside, you need to know how to file a claim so you can get the help you need with fire restoration.

Get in Touch With Your Provider

During and immediately after a fire, you want to make sure everyone is safe. After alerting the fire department in Medical District, NV, you should contact your fire insurance company as soon as possible. In your initial call, you should discuss the following:

  • How the fire started (if you know at this point)
  • When the fire started
  • How much of your property was affected
  • The extent of the damage--what was damaged

Gather Information
Your first call to the insurance company will start the claims process. However, it's best to call back in the coming days with more information. If it's safe to do so, take pictures of the interior and exterior of the home, showing the damage the structure suffered. Record those items and materials that the fire ruined and those that require smoke cleaning. Make sure to not touch anything in the home while doing this.

Board up Your Home
Around the same time you call the insurance company, you need to speak to a professional fire cleanup team. These technicians will handle fire restoration as well. The crew will board up your windows and other structural damage. Roof-tarping will be included in this process as well. The professionals will work with the insurance company, providing cleanup and repair estimates. Your insurance provider will then inform you of your claim approval and pay for repairs and replacement according to your policy.
To pay for the fire restoration of your home, you need coverage from your insurance company. These steps will help this process go more smoothly.

Why a Fast Response Is Crucial Following a Water Emergency

6/10/2020 (Permalink)

Air movers and dehumidifiers placed on a commercial building. Concept water damage restoration Water damage restoration in Fremont Street, NV

Commercial business owners in Fremont Street, NV, know that water emergencies can happen at any time. If a flood occurs on a Friday night or weekend, they can't wait until Monday morning to have the problem addressed. That’s because water can cause major destruction in just hours. A fast response is thus crucial.

Immediate Action

Your clients need a 24-hour water damage repair company. Thankfully, SERVPRO is always open. Its representatives are available every day, including holidays and weekends. No matter when your clients contact SERVPRO, somebody will reply immediately. In fact, within eight hours your clients will receive:

  • A call response
  • An on-site visit
  • A verbal briefing

Specifically, a SERVPRO representative will respond to a call within one hour. The visit will occur within four hours, and the briefing will take place no more than eight hours after the call.
SERVPRO can respond so quickly because it has more than 1,700 franchise locations throughout Canada and America. The company combines these local services with the corporate resources necessary for major restoration projects. SERVPRO experts also provide a 24-hour response because they know what can happen if the cleanup is delayed.

Damage Timeline
Just a few minutes after the flood or leak, the water can spread throughout the building and absorb into upholstery, floors, and walls. Carpets could stain, and paper items can swell up.
Within the first 24 hours, the drywall can break down. Furniture may also crack, and a musty odor could spread throughout the property. Over the next few days, if the restoration does not commence, mildew and mold may grow. Any metal will corrode and rust. Windows, doors, and wood floors may swell and warp, as well.
Even a slight delay in the water damage cleanup process can lead to additional harm and extensive costs. Thankfully, SERVPRO provides the 24-hour restoration services that your clients need.

How To Clean up After a Water Heater Leak

5/23/2020 (Permalink)

Leaking water heater Never put off fixing a leaking water heater or cleaning up the mess left behind

You probably rely on your water heater every day. For cooking and showering, this appliance is more than a convenience. However, it's also prone to causing problems, including flooding. A leaking water heater can send gallons upon gallons of water all over your floors, possibly affecting a variety of materials and items in your home. Knowing how to mitigate these challenges can save you a lot of time and money.

Take Care Objects in the Area

If you don't discover a failed water heater as soon as it starts having problems, the damage may be too severe. As soon as you notice water leaking from this appliance, make sure you get all items out of the area. These include:

  • Carpet
  • Furniture
  • Electronics

Reduce the Risk of Shock or Electrocution
Everyone in Downtown, NV, knows that water and electricity don't mix. Before you start looking at the broken water heater, turn the power off in your home. If possible, work on the water heater without touching the water. Wear proper protective gear such as gloves and boots.

Extract the Water
It doesn't take long for a leaking water heater to leave a significant amount of water in your home. If the water covers a small area, you can gran a wet vacuum and remove the water on your own. However, if the water spreads throughout the area, you should contact a professional flood remediation company. The professionals have the right equipment and skills to do the job right.

Drying and Sanitizing
Removing the water isn't enough. To discourage the growth of mold and mildew, you need to make sure the ground, walls, and other nearby materials are completely dry. The pros will use fans and dehumidifiers to do this. The team will also use powerful chemicals to disinfect all places where there was water.
Never put off fixing a leaking water heater or cleaning up the mess left behind. Following these steps can ensure your safety.

Key Steps To Developing a Business Continuity Plan

5/10/2020 (Permalink)

Paper with words BCP Business Continuity Plan Creating a business continuity plan is essential

Part of being a good business leader in Las Vegas, NV, is preparing your company for emergencies and unforeseen situations. In the wake of a disaster or widespread incident, could your business survive and continue to operate efficiently? If you're not ready for such events, you could face economic turmoil or even the shutdown of your company. Creating a business continuity plan is essential.

Looking at Your Technology

Thanks to advances in communication, data storage, and processing, you can do more for your customers and employees than ever before. Ensure that you have the following capabilities:

  • Sufficient storage for all documents, videos, materials and other data
  • Effective project management and tracking systems
  • The ability to recover and restore all the needs of your business

Setting up for Remote Working
Part of a business continuity plan should include consideration for working offsite. If something such as a flood or fire destroys part or all of your building, you need a way to continue carrying out the day-to-day operations of your company. Be prepared to set up employees to work from home and access your servers. Train employees on how to use video conferencing and other virtual meeting programs. If possible, consider temporarily moving to another office.

Purchase Insurance
Your commercial property insurance should cover damage your building and materials suffer. It will also pay for the efforts of a professional disaster cleanup company. However, to compensate for lost revenue and to keep up with payroll in the aftermath of an emergency, you'll need business interruption insurance. In an emergency response plan, you should choose interruption coverage that will also pay for relocation.

Once you come up with a plan, test it, and run through it. Make sure your employees are ready to make the necessary adjustments at a moment's notice.
You may never have to deal with a crippling disaster at work. If you do, you'll have peace of mind.

A Peek Into the Mysterious World of Mold

5/10/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on wall Black mold growth

There are, according to a variety of sources, many thousands of species of mold on the planet. The fungus referred to as black mold, oftentimes of the genus Strachybotrys, has dozens of species found in North America. Mold is most closely aligned with yeasts, mushrooms, and toadstools. It is neither a plant nor an animal, though it is more closely related to animals. Mold in commercial buildings feed off of materials such as wood and paper. Most species are parasitic in nature. They reproduce by microscopic, asexual spores. Mold is present nearly everywhere. It typically becomes a problem for humans when, drawn to moisture, it spreads inside buildings by forming colonies that make unsightly blotches, produce a musty odor, break down materials, and degrade indoor air quality.

Mold Cleanup

Whether your company in Downtown, NV, finds an outbreak of black mold, or some other type of fungus, it should be removed by professionals. A reputable mold remediation team can help in the following ways:

  • A rapid dispatch to your building
  • An inspection and assessment of the problem
  • Accurate mold testing
  • Mold containment and mold removal
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Mitigation of a moisture problem

A comprehensive cleanup removes mold colonies, cleans affected surfaces and air ducts of the HVAC system, restores or replaces affected drywall, carpeting, and furniture and rids the building of odors associated with mold. A professional job is less likely to allow a return of mold to the building.

Mold Information
Black mold has a widespread distribution. Its spores have a slimy character, and the fungus is attracted to materials rich in cellulose, especially after the material has been damaged by water. Perhaps the most well-known species is Strachybotrys chartarum, which is sometimes called toxic mold. The preferred method of removal for this type of mold and other problematic fungi is through the services of a licensed contractor.

4 Measures That Mitigate Storm Damage

4/27/2020 (Permalink)

Drywall has been soaked with water from a flood, drywall has been removed Flood cut performed in a Showboat, NV home

4 Measures That Mitigate Storm Damage

A storm can cause all kinds of damage to your home in Showboat, NV. The recovery process can be fairly straightforward, or it can involve professional techniques that only trained technicians are familiar with. Flooding presents a number of difficult challenges due to the amount of water that enters a home as well as the unclean nature of the water. These four measures might be needed to get your home back to its original condition.

1. Tear Out. This becomes necessary when a portion of the drywall has been soaked with water from a flood. It is also known as a flood cut. A professional storm mitigation company cuts out the affected drywall 12 to 18 inches above the flood line, removes the damaged material, and replaces the drywall with clean materials. In many cases, insulation that is behind the wall will also have to be replaced.
2. Water Removal. Any standing water in a home should be removed as quickly as possible. If the water is contaminated, either from sewage or flooding, it should be considered a peril to human health and should be removed by workers wearing PPE. Powerful equipment such as wet vacuums and fans are used to extract the water from your home and eliminate the source of contamination.
3. Mold Containment. If a storm has left water in a home for longer than 48 hours there is a good chance mold may already have begun to grow. Mold remediation involves identifying the presence of mold, containing it, using air filters, removing the mold and cleaning contents and belongings.
4. Restoration. The final stage of the process includes restoring any items in the home that have been damaged by the storm. This could include replacing carpeting, repairing a damaged roof, or fixing any structural issues.
Handling the aftermath of a storm or flooding requires experience and expertise. A company that has the equipment and training to deal with any disaster is Here to Help.

How a Full-Service Contractor Accelerates a Recovery

4/19/2020 (Permalink)

Warehouse Fire Inside Commercial fire in Downtown East, NV

How a Full-Service Contractor Accelerates a Recovery

Cleaning up after a commercial fire in Downtown East, NV is an effort that requires a lot of professional skills and industrial equipment. It's possible to get these services from a variety of contractors, but that just makes extra work for your company. Working with a full-service storm remediation franchise cuts down on the number of phone calls and speeds up the recovery process for fire damage. The key is finding a company that has a complete package of skills. A trusted franchise can help with the following steps in the process:

  • Immediate inspection and assessment
  • A thorough plan of action
  • Water removal
  • Soot and smoke removal
  • Restoration of damaged items

Experienced technicians have the training and certifications to deal with any size fire. They can take control of the entire process.

Insurance Advantages

Your commercial property insurance is your protection against expensive fire damage. An efficient handling of the claims process is to your advantage, as this results in a faster payment to your company. By working with one fire mitigation franchise, the communication chain is simplified. The franchise can itemize all work and expenses and send it online to the insurance adjuster. Buttressing the paperwork with photos adds clarity and cuts down on misunderstandings.

Restoration Benefits

A business fire can cause damage to walls, roofs, doors and windows. Near the end of the cleanup process, a number of items may need to be repaired, restored or replaced. An experienced company can help save you money with a restore versus replace mentality. With the proper methods, many items can be restored to their original condition. Working with one reputable contractor often speeds up the process and allows you to reopen your business sooner. Fire damage requires action on many fronts, but it can be accomplished with just one general contractor. The right company will follow best practices for cleanup and restoration. When you return to business, your building should be "Like it never even happened."

Here’s How to Keep Your Business Running During a Power Outage

3/31/2020 (Permalink)

Portable power generator A portable generator is a surprisingly cheap option for most small operations

Here’s How to Keep Your Business Running During a Power Outage

Unless you run a business shoeing horses, chances are you’re utterly reliant on electricity for normal operations. A power outage in Winchester, NV, can happen anytime, lasting from a single second to many days during a disaster. This can have a range of negative impacts on your business, including:

  • Interrupting transactions in progress
  • Damaging data storage devices, computers, and computerized equipment
  • Preventing all business operations, especially during long outages

There are a few options for managing a power outage, from excellent short-term devices to long-term solutions. With the costs so low compared to benefits, especially for small to medium-sized businesses, it’s worth looking at the technologies available to mitigate the problems.

All Sensitive Devices Should Be Plugged Into an Uninterruptible Power Supply

An uninterruptable power supply (UPS) is, in essence, just a battery and an automatic switch that trips if it detects an undervoltage, overvoltage or outage in the power line. They are relatively inexpensive and are fantastic at protecting computers and other sensitive electronics from not only a brief power outage but also power surges.
Computers are highly dependent on a very stable voltage. A voltage sag of as little as 12 volts can cause a computer to immediately shut off, losing whatever it was processing at the time. The storage devices inside it can also be permanently destroyed if they were in the process of saving data as well.

A Portable Generator Is a Surprisingly Cheap Option for Most Small Operations

Portable generators typically don’t exceed 17,500 watts. This is enough to power small offices and all their related equipment, including lights and computers. They can be wheeled outside as needed, although you should run it for a few minutes each month to keep it in peak condition. If your business needs more than 17,500 watts, you’ll probably be better served by a fixed generator that automatically switches over if the power goes out.
If your business receives storm damage that causes a power outage, you’ll need a professional storm cleanup company to inspect the damaged area and give you an estimate on repairs. SERVPRO is Faster to any size disaster!

Storms in Las Vegas

3/27/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO pick up truck a van and generator on parking lot ready to perform restoration services at a commercial building Storm response team in Las Vegas, NV

Storms In Las Vegas

Disturbed state of the environmental surface and severe weather changes can lead to natural disasters occurring in the world and storms are an integral part of it and you can often notice it by the strong wind flow, thunder and hail occurrences or even wind transporting small particles or substances like a dust storm or blizzard.

Las Vegas, NV is commonly known to have storm occurrences and with the natural disaster taking on to human population and their property, it is of utmost important that there are properly trained and accustomed service providers to help restore damage.

Residential and commercial restorations

Whether it is about the pre storm securities or post help, there are restoration services in Las Vegas that help every industrial building and even residential owners with storm damage restorations.

  1. Having insurances of your estates or property of any order is the first step to claim damage repair or restoration.
  2. Immediate boarding up or even structurally required support is provided on site for as long as the claim to insurance isn’t achieved to ensure storm damage repair and not risk lives.
  3. The processes of debris clean up are then done to help clean up the area and the damage that has occurred due to the disaster.
  4. Contents of the property or estate are then restored to their origins and the working in the area commences once the cleanup is successfully done.
  5. At each and every stage, the storm damage restoration processes coordinate their efforts with the required insurance company in charge of the estate.

Storm damage restoration Las Vegas is very vital and services that can help you in emergency scenarios or for immediate aids are clearly required. To help people put back their property, be it commercial or residential and clean up the area like it was nothing that happened ever is what customers look for from service providers.

Simple tips:

  1. Keep property of any order always insured
  2. Do not hesitate to cover your property from before just to be safe enough; one can never know when a natural calamity occurs.
  3. Trusts only the best of the services with your house/office and it is better to pre inquire about their past services.
  4. Personal safety is always a priority; you can always save your assets and property later.

With few safety tips and help from the service provides, one can now have their homes and properties restored "Like it never even happened." 

Mold Coverage for Renters

3/24/2020 (Permalink)

Renters insurance form and dollars on the table. Renter's insurance coverage form

Mold spores are tricky and, unfortunately, they are always around. Fortunately, normal conditions keep them dormant. When the right conditions present themselves in your rented property in Fremont Street, NV, those mold spores can quickly turn into mold damage. While water damage and mold remediation experts can eradicate the problem, insurance coverage for the mold cleanup can be confusing. While savvy tenants likely have rental insurance, it is important to understand what the policy may or may not cover.

Renter’s Insurance Coverage

Water damage and black mold cleanup are typically covered when events out of one’s control happen. That means if your personal property is exposed to some form of moisture that creates mold, the mold removal will be covered. Instances of mold growth due to unexpected circumstances can include:

  • Pipe bursts
  • Overflow from plumbing, water heater or air conditioner
  • Fire or smoke damage
  • Hail, wind or ice
  • Electrical issues
  • Structural leaks

It’s important to remember that as a tenant, you are required to mitigate the damage. If an event occurs and immediate action isn’t taken to avoid mold growth, an insurer may not accept the claim. Oftentimes, coverage is capped to where additional damage could have been prevented.

Prevention Tips

Like many things in life, prevention is the key to avoiding mold damage hassles. Although the unexpected can happen, making some small changes can minimize the chances of mold getting the right environment to grow. This may include:

  • Maintain constant airflow within the rental to minimize moisture in the air. Use fans or open windows whenever possible to increase ventilation.
  • Check vents and vacuum monthly.
  • During and after showering, keep the exhaust fan running to minimize moisture accumulation.
  • If a spill happens, don’t let it sit. Quickly dry out the affected area.

Dealing with mold damage is a frustrating situation. For renters, having some insurance coverage and taking a few precautions can reduce the hassle and keep your personal property protected.